Supercomputing Technology and Applications Program starts operation

iVEC is pleased to announce that the Supercomputing Technology and Applications Program (STAP) team is now operational. The STAP team will help ensure that WA researchers are able to effectively use the current iVEC supercomputing resources (Epic and Fornax) and are ready to use the resources at the Pawsey Centre (now under construction).

The initial STAP team members are Chris Bording, Dr Daniel Grimwood, Dr Christopher Harris, Dr Nicola Varini and Dr Rebecca Hartman-Baker. The STAP team is lead by Dr George Beckett.

These specialists will work with research groups, helping them to integrate the iVEC systems into their computing workflows and to exploit the potential of Petascale supercomputing. The STAP team will also be working with the iVEC Education Program to develop training materials and courses, and with the iVEC eResearch Program to grow the use of supercomputing resources into new research areas. More information on all of these activities will follow over the next few months.

To contact the STAP team directly email email icon .

As part of the preparations for this, the STAP team members will be added to current project groups on Epic and Fornax. This is to enable them to quickly resolve any issue that a user may have. This will be the default policy going forward. If you have any concerns about this, or any other questions or comments about the Program, please contact the team on the email address above.


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