Hack Tricks 2012

This year iSecLABz is organizing a national level competition “HACK-TRICKS” on Ethical Hacking. The competition consists of zonal rounds. Zonal rounds would be conducted in the different part of the country. As a part of the zonal round, a workshop on ‘Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security” would be conducted at zonal centers. This workshop aims to groom the students with the basics of ethical hacking and cyber security. Competition would be conducted at the end of the workshop. Zonal winner of the competition will participate in final round at IIT-Kharagpur.

Stage 1 (WORKSHOP ROUND to be held at Zonal Centers):

  • An ethical hacking/cyber security workshop will be held at different Zonal centers –all over India. The details of the zonal centers and workshop contents are available on our website.
  • All the participants who want to participate in Hack-Trick-2012 are required to attend the workshops at any zonal center.
  • The workshop fee is included in the Registration Charges.
  • During the workshop “Hacking Tool Kit” will be provided by sponsors of this event.
  • The duration of the workshop will be of 2 Days.
  • The workshop will be delivered by iSecLABz.

Stage 2 (ZONAL ROUND to be held at zonal center):

  • Just after the workshop a Mega Competition Zonal final of Hack-Trick-2012 will be held.
  • Winners will be awarded certificate of merit and will be offered free internship in iSecLABz.

Stage 3 (FINAL ROUND to be held at IIT-Kharagpur):

  • All the zonal winners will be called to participate in the final round.
  • Top 3 teams will be awarded as winners of the championship & will also be awarded the respective prizes.

Source :  http://tieit.trubainstitute.ac.in/index.php/events/hacks-tricks-2012.html


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