World’s first Mobile Phone that Runs on Windows XP Operating System

xpPhone is the first ever mobile phone to implement the most popular desktop operating system, XP, on mobile phones. Earlier we have seen mobile devices running on operating systems like Symbian, Windows or Android but this time In Technology Group Limited (ITG) has implemented XP as the operating systems on its next mobile phone which is known as xpPhone. The new xpPhone features XP as operating system along with 4.8-inch TFT LCD with 800 x 400 pixels touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard to provide a desktop look and feel.

ITG Windows XP xpPhone
ITG Windows XP xpPhone
xpPhone key Features and Specifications

1. AMD Super Mobile processor with memory up to 1GB
2. CMOS camera for taking pics or capturing videos
3. Dual hard drive SSD and HDD
4. Supports 2G and 3G network standards – HSDPA, HSUPA and EVDO
5. Integrated A-GPS
6. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support
7. Battery talk time up to 5 hours

Currently xpPhone is available in white, red and silver colors. You can place a pre-order for xpPhone on their official websites now.


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